Editorial Board:

Jaffar M Albareeq, DLO, RCP, RCS
Director of Research and Ethics
King Hamad University Hospital
  Chief Editor's Publications

Assistant Chief Editors FAYEK A AL HILLI
PhD (Path), Professor of Pathology,
Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

FRCS, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
Senior Editors SAEED AL HINDI
FRCSI, Assisstant Professor of Surgery, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Kevin Dunne
FRCPCH, Pediatric Consultant
King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain

Martin Corbally
FRCS, MRCPI (Assoc), Professor and Chairman,
Department of Surgery, RCSI-MUB, Chief of Medical Staff, King Hamad University Hospital

Hesham Yousif Ali Hassan
FRCS, Assistant Professor of ENT Surgery, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Khalid Alsindi
FRCPath, Consultant Pathologist, King Hamad University Hospital,Bahrain

Omar Sharif
MD, Consultant, Gastroenterologist, King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain

Faisal Al-Nasir
FFPH, FRCGP, PhD, Professor, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

William Francis Cassey
MBBCh, BAO, DM (UK), Professor of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Physiology, RCSI-MUB, Director of ICU, King Hamad University Hospital

Amani Ali Al Hajeri
MSc MG, IBFM, CABFM, MD, Head of Genetic Department, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Ministry of Health, Bahrain

Hesham Al-Khateeb
FRCS, Consultant Orthopedics, King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain

Emeritus Editors Mohammed A Alkhalifa
MD, Consultant Diabetologist and Minister of Defense Affairs, Bahrain

Faisal Al-Mousawi
FRCS, President, Royal College of Surgeon of Ireland, Bahrain-Medical University

Hassan H Alarrayed
FRCS, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ibn-AlNafees Hospital, Bahrain
Overseas Editors

J K Dhaliwal
FRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Mohinder Singh
FRCS, Consultant Ophthalmologist  

Eamon Tierney
FFARCSI, ICU Consultant


Editorial Office Executive

Dalal Alhassan, MD, MSc
Director of Education and Proficiency Centre
King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain

Issue Editor Saeed Alhindi
MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain


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