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April 1986, Volume 8, Number 1
Iatrogenic Drug Dependence
Ali A Matar
|Full 1.9MB|
Infant Mortality The Barometer of Health Status
Akbar Mohsin Mohammad
|Full 1.2MB|
Doping Control and the Olympics
Bob Adams
|Full 1.7MB|

Demographic Characteristics of Hospitalized Patients with Hereditary Anemias in Bahrain
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Seddiqa A Abdulaziz
|Full 3.2MB|

Evaluation of Body Mechanics of Top Class Bahraini Soccer Players
Mohammed A Ragheb, William B Gregory
|Full 3.2MB|

Trends of Tobacco Smoking Among Physicians, Journalists and Teachers in Bahrain
Mohammed Al Khateeb
|Full 4.6MB|

The Effects of Changes in the Environmental Temperatures on the Growth Potential of Bone
F Al Hilli, EA Wright
|Full 7.2MB|


Akbar Mohsin Mohammad, Najeeb S Jamsheer
|Question| |Answer|


Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Services (V)
The Effective Use of Cytology Services
Helena E Hughes
|Full 3.6MB|
Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Services (VI)
Which Biochemical Liver Tests Should We Use?
T Hargreaves
|Full 4.6MB|
Modern Management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
RB Cole
|Full 4.3MB|
Curricular Reforms in Medical Schools
PT Jayawickramarajah
|Full 7.6MB|
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