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April 1991, Volume13, Number 1
Do We Need A New Vaccine?
Kasim O Ardati
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Patterns of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Bahrain
Mohamed Khalil Al-Haddad, Charlotte Awad Kamel, Mohammed Abdel Karim
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Comparison Between Postpartum Lactate Concentration in the Umbilical Artery and Apgar Score
Hassan S O Abduljabbar

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Antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus in B: A Preliminary Study
Bader Z H Baig

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Risk Factors of Acute Respiratory Infection among Hospitalized Children in Basrah: A Case Control Study
Narjis Ajeel, Imad Al-Sadoon, Alim Yacoub

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Incidence of Genetic Disorders of Hemoglobins in the Hospital Population of Bahrain
Kishore V Nadkarni, Shaikha S Al-Arrayed, Jayant P Bapat

|Full 5.7MB|

Profile of the Psychiatric In-patient Population in Bahrain, 1983-1987
Mohamed Khalil Al-Haddad, Charlotte Awad Kamel, Dale Horn

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Ademakinwa M Adekunle
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Haemophilus Influenzae Infections
Kasim O Ardati
|Full 7.6MB|
Bardet-Biedl Syndrome in a Bahraini Family
Shaikha S Al-Arrayed, Hassan H Al-Arrayed
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