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April 1994, Volume16, Number 1
Can We Quell the Anxieties about Adrenaline and Penicillin?
Zahid Hussain Khan
|Full 1.7MB|

Pattern of Admissions of Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Qateef Central Hospital, Saudi Arabia
Ibrahim A. Al-Dabbous, Hussain A. Abu Srair, Sa’id S. Al Faris
|Full 4MB|

Diaphyseal Fractures of the Humerus Treated by Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
Firoz A. Khan, MM Zamzam, Munir Saadeddin, Salem Al-Zahrani
|Full 4MB|

Hormones in Premenstrual Syndrome
Waleed M. Milaat, Abdul Rahman A. Al-Nowaiser, Samia M. Al-Amoudi
|Full 3.2MB|

Localization and Excision of Occult Breast Lesions: The Early Experience of a District General Hospital
Abdul- Wahed Meshikhes, William R. Lawson
|Full 3.6MB|

Fetal Macrosomia……What to Do?
Hasan S. Jamal, Salwa Filemban
|Full 3.6MB|

Akbar M. Mohammad
|Question| |Answer|
Masturbation in Infants
Husain A. Abdel dayem
Full 2MB|
Cysticercosis Presenting as a Ring Enhancing Lesion with Partial Seizures. A Case Report and Review of Literature
Vijay K. Kak, Adel A. Al-Jishi, Sumant G. Daftary, Kishore V. Nadkarni
Full 2.8MB|
Medical Subtalar Dislocation (Report of Four Cases and Review of Literature)
Mohd Atshad Ikram, Salem Al-Zahrani, Firoz A. Khan, Mamoon Kremli Awill Adbulrahman Ali
Full 1.9MB|
Physicians to Patients Ratio in Accident and Emergency Department of Salmaniya Medical Center
Abdulaziz Yousif Hamza, SM Alam
|Full 2.7MB|
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