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August 1991, Volume13, Number 2
Health Effects of the Gulf War
Dr Jaffar M Al-Bareeq

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Health Promotion Policies
Dr Ali M Fakhro

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Alpha Thalassaemia in Bahrain: Haemoglobin H Diseaese-not so Benign
Dr Akbar Mohsin Mohammad
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Perinatal Mortality at Qateef Central Hospital
Dr Hussain Ali Abu Srair, Dr Mohamed Al-Khater, Dr Hussain Aman, Dr Mohamed Al-Madan

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The Normal Range Reference for Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Subsets in Regional Arab Population
Dr Mirza Mansoor Baig

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Palliative Cytoreductive Surgery in Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma
Dr Hassan S O Abduljabbar, Dr Adnan A Merdad, Dr Hisham A Mosli,Dr Nisma Mansouri

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Management of SacrococcygealTeratoma as a Cause of Dystocia during Labour
Dr Samia Al-Amoudi, Dr Hassan S O Abduljabbar,Dr Hisham Ramadani,Dr Hasan Ba’aqeel, Dr Osama Rayes

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Left Paraduodenal Hernia: Acute Presentation in Childhood
Dr Ahmed H Al-Salem

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A Comparative Study of Performance on the Bahrain Licensure Examination by Medical Graduates from a Problem-based Community Oriented Curriculum and Graduates from Conventional Curricula
Dr Hossam Hamdy, Dr Faisal R Mousawi, Dr Shawki A Ameen, Dr A W M Abdul Wahab

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Possibilities and Conditions for a Bahrain College of Medicine
Dr William Lammers

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Arterial Embolisation in the Treatment of Kasabach-Merrit Syndrome
Dr Babiker Hassan,Dr L Spitz

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