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December 1990, Volume12, Number 3
Social Aspect and Cancer
Dr Jaffar M Al Bareeq

Childhood Bacterial Meningitis in Qateef, Saudi Arabia
Dr Hussain Ali Abu Srair, Dr Ali Magzoub El Bashier, Dr Ibrahim Al-Dabbous, Dr Mohd Al-Khater,
Dr Hussain Aman, Dr Saleh Al-Shorafa, Dr Mohd Al Madan

Factors Affecting Outcome in Middle Ear surgery: a Retrospective Study
Dr Ashoor Abdulaziz

Priapism in Sickle Cell Disease
Dr Khalil H Rasromani, Dr Salwa Al-Mahroos, Dr Akbar M Mohammad, Dr I Mannan Khan


Dr Akbar M Mohammad, Dr Babikar Hassan


On the Functional and Clinical Aspects of Vitamin E
Dr Arjumand S Warsy, Dr Hassan Bahakim, Dr Mohsen Ali F El-Hazmi

Staphylococcal Infections
Dr Kasim O Ardati

Urologic Double-J Catheters: Uses and Complications
Dr HishamAMosli, Dr Hasan M A Farsi, Dr Mohammed F Al-Zamaity


Syringomyelia: A Diagnostic Challenge
Dr MohdAbduljabbar, Dr AbdulkaderDaif

Isovaleric Acidemia
Dr Hassan Fardan, Dr Abdul Nabi Abdulla

Relapsing Pancreatitis in Association with Familial Hyperlipidaemia and Hyperparathyroidism
Dr I Mannan Khan, Dr Khalil H Rasromani, Dr Najeeb S Jamsheer, Dr Akbar M Mohammad

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