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December 1993, Volume15, Number 3


Cancer Therapy
Jaffar Mohd Al-Bareeq
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Minor Surgery in Bahrain’s Primary Care System
Basem Roberto Saab, Farouq Izzat Zurba

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Neonatal Conjunctivitis: A Pilot Study
Osama Badeeb, Emel Basher,Faten Gazzaz

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Immunological Aspects of Sickle Cell Disease in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
Mohammad N Hassan, Hussain Abu-Sarir, Amjad HS Rahi

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Porous Coated Anatomic (PCA) Total Knee Replacement: Early Experience in Bahrain
Michael Ierodiaconou, Faisal Mousawi, Ali Jaffer Aradi, John KK Wong-Chung

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Prevalence of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Antibodies among Infants and Young Children with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections
Hassan J Hasony, Suhailla K Yousif

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Dridaran D
Beena PM, SandhyaBelwadi MR

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Lead Encephalopathy in a Bahrainin Infant
Fadheela Al Mahroos

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Acute Gastroenteritis: Case Presentations which Illustrate Alternative Diagnosis
Abdul-Naser Y Elzouki

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Impact of Problem-based Medical Curriculum on Students’ Approaches to Learning
PT Jayawickramarajah

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