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Environmental Pollution and Health
Jaffar M Al-Bareeq
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Levels of Natural Anticoagulants, antithrombin iii and Protein C in Diabetes Vascular Disease
Sumitra Dash, R J Dash

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Amoebic Liver Abscess.  A prospective Study of 200 Cases in a Rural Referral Hospital in South India
Ananthakrishnan Ramani, Rama Ramani, P G Shivananda

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Topical Timolol Prevent Intraocular pressure Response to Succinylcholine and Tracheal Intubation
GroverVK, Sharma SK, akkar RK,  Grewa S, Gupta A

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Fractures of the proximal third of the femoral shaft in children.
Awil Abdul Rehman Ali, Mohammad Arshad Ikram, Firoz Ahmed Khan, Saleh Al Harbi, Mamoun Kremli, Salem Al-Zahrani

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Perioperative Evaluation and Management in the Elderly
A. Abyad

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Haemoglobin S-D Disease in a Bahraini Child
Sumitra Dash

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Successful Treatment of Obstructive Azoospermia by a Crossover Right to Left Vasovasal Anastomosis
Mohammed H Durazi,  Nabeel H Ali

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Haemodynamic Effects of Anaesthesia in a Patient Chronically Treated with Angiotensin - Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Suman Sharma, Vinod K Grover, Rahul K Kakkar

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Abdominal Wall Traction  Assisted Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.                 
Subash Chander Gautam, Raafat Hussain Helmi, Magdi Abdul Sathar,  ASN Rishi Mani

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The Management of Childhood Asthma in the Gulf Region
Dawson KP

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