Vol. 39, No. 2, June 2017
Mandatory Reporting
Salman bin Ateyatallah Al Khalifa, Martin T. Corbally

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Neonatal Sepsis: A Two-Year Review of the Antibiograms of Clinical Isolates from the Neonatal Unit
Lulwa Al Mannaei, Isa Yusuf Al-Saad, Ebrahim Al Saadon
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Occupational Eye Injury: The Neglected Role of Eye Protection
Abdulla Almoosa, Ahmed Asal, Muhammed Atif, Seemantini Ayachit
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Prediction of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Newborns
Mona Al Jufairi, Deena Kheyami, Manal Shihadeh, Eman Al Ansari
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The Level of Vitamin D among Diabetic Patients
Dalal Alhashel
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Chronic Eosinophilic Rhinosinusitis Clinical Implications
Amal Al Abdulla, Abdulla Darwish, Mohamed H. Bella
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Factors Affecting Mortality in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Shehab Ghanem, Mohamed Lamine, Yaser Alaali, Ehsan Almutawa, Mohamed Al Balooshi
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Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination on Viral Gastroenteritis Diseases
Jaleela S. Jawad, Adel S. Al-Sayyad, Khulood Fakhroo, Ali Al-Muwali
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Effect of Implementation of Electronic File System and the Completeness of Clinical Evaluation in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Clinic
Ahmed Abdulaziz Omran, Nabeel Ahmed Ali, Fatheya Abdulla Ahmed Yousif, Ausama Saleh Ali Alarayedh
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Saeed Alhindi
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Delirious Mania: A Diagnostic and Treatment Dilemma
Mazen Khalil Ali
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Penicillin-Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae (Pneumococcus) Osteomyelitis in a Premature Infant
Salwa Al Noaimi, Manal D. Shihadeh
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A Case of Pneumoperitoneum Secondary to Pneumatosis Intestinalis: Is Surgery Always Indicated?
Lulwa Al Mannaei, Essam Mazen Jumaa
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Amputation and Non-Functioning Limb Salvage: Cultural Stigma of Limb Loss
Adi Syazni Muhammed, Ramesh Kumar, Abdul Halim Abdul Rahim, Farrah Hani Imran
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Cervical-Spine Injury and Quadriplegia Resulting from “Break Dance”
Badrya Toorani, Shaker Al Asheeri, Hussain Al Aradi, Osama Al Marzooq
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Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy Managed with Methotrexate
Shaza Omer Mohammed, Nawal Dayoub
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Mycoplasma Pneumonia-Induced Rash and Mucositis
Manal D. Shihadeh
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Mycoplasma Hominis
Osama M. Abdul-Wahab, Abdulaziz A. Abu Dahish, Mohamed E. Elawad
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1. Depressed? Just Tell!
2. Looks Depressed: Just Ask!
Anil Kumar Chawla

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Dalal Alhasan
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