Bahrain Medical Bulletin, Vol. 46, No. 1, March 2024


Self-Care Practices of Secondary School Students with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Mohanad Mohammed Ali Alnasrawi, Murtadha Kanim Adea Aljebory
| Abstract (175 KB)  |  Full (265 KB) | Page 1840-1842

Challenges and Barriers of E-Learning in Medical Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Viewpoint of Teaching Staf
Ahmed Abdalla Jarelnape, Waled AM Ahmed, Suaad Omer, Mohamed Hassan, Aida Fadlala, Zeinab Ali, Neimat Dinar, Mujtaba Ali, Khalid Mohammed, Eltayeb Abdelazeem, Elwaleed I. Sagiron, Hamza Balola, Mohammed Mustafa
| Abstract (186 KB)  |  Full (235 KB) | Page 1843-1847

Healthy Behaviors between Medical and Non- Medical University Students
Khamael Ali Ajrash, Ghazwan Abdulhussein Al-Abedi
| Abstract (205 KB)  |  Full (241 KB) | Page 1848-1851

Older Adult Self-care and Related Factors at Primary Health Care Centers
Ghazwan Abdulhussein Al-Abedi, Haqi Ismael Mansoor, Selman Hussain
| Abstract (190 KB)  |  Full (266 KB) | Page 1852-1855

Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking among Medical Students and it's Association with GAD in Saudi Arabia, 2021
Abdulaziz Muflih Abudasser, Abdulaziz Mohammad Al-Garni, Saja Sami Ahmad Alghamdi, Hamad Mohammed S Asiri, Yazid Mohammed Ahmed Binobaiad, Abdulrahman Saleh Abdullah, Mohammed Mushabab Al-Mudhi, Nasser Abdullah N. AlGhris,Abdulbari Ahmed Alzahrani, Abdussalam Mohammed A Alqhtani
| Abstract (185 KB)  |  Full (249 KB) | Page 1856-1863

What is Retinoblastoma ? Evaluate the Knowledge and Awareness of General Population and Health Provider in Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Alamri, Jawaher Hassan Ali Hazazi, Sarah Ibrahim summan , Shahd Abdulhakeem Al Hamdan, Waad Saber Alharthy, Bayader Manea Alraqea, Waad Khalid A Albadawi, Nada Abdullah Ali Asiri, Rozan Abdulaziz Alghamdi, Renad Mohammed Abdullah Alshehri, Reem Thalib Hadhir Alalyani
| Abstract (201 KB)  |  Full (222 KB) | Page 1864-1867

Prevalence, Knowledge and Associated Factors of Computer Vision Syndrome in Asser Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Alamri, Omar Abdullah A Alqahtani , Abdulaziz Mesfer A Alqahtani, Ali Mohammed A Alqahtani, Faisal Ayed A Al Taza, Munif Suwayyied A Alqahtani, Mohammed Amer M Alsairy, Naif Sultan S Alqhtani, Muteb Saleh Alamri , Rayan Mohammed A Alshehri , Abdulaziz Moham Med A Aljaber, Meshal Sa
| Abstract (195 KB)  |  Full (265 KB) | Page 1868-1872

The Knowledge and Acceptance of Antenatal Classes in Saudi Arabia
Ayesha Mallick, Bashayer Farhan Alruwaili, Aeshah Batel Alanazi, Renad Hassan D Alderaan, Rasha Mohammed Zaid Alomair, Reef Faris Ismail Alsabilah, Alreem Barghash Shuwayr Alruwaili, Nouf Khalid Alaql
| Abstract (185 KB)  |  Full (274 KB) | Page 1873-1876

Effectiveness of Intervention Program on Nurses` Practices about Post Operative Drug Administration of Infants with Tracheoesophageal Fistula
Abdulrhman Hussein Salih, Ali Abdul Razzak Obaid
| Abstract (171 KB)  |  Full (245 KB) | Page 1877-1879

Impact of Breast Size and Body Mass Index on the Prevalence of Breast Cancer in the Sulaimaniyah Province of Iraqi Kurdistan
Deman Ahmed Saeed, Anwar Kader Ibrahim Sheikha
| Abstract (198 KB)  |  Full (241 KB) | Page 1880-1885

Epidemiologic survey on the Major causes of Primary infertility in women's referred to infertility center in Al-Imam Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Thi-Qar Governorate
Anaam H. Shahid, Fatima K. Naeem, Entsar R. Abd
| Abstract (192 KB)  |  Full (265 KB) | Page 1886-1889

Evaluation of Communicable Diseases Surveillance System Process in Mosul City
Yasir M.S. Younus, Mohammed F. Khalifa
| Abstract (202 KB)  |  Full (250 KB) | Page 1890-1895

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Emergency General Surgical Admission in King Faisal Hospital Makkah, KSA
Elfaki A. Elbagir, Hatem A. Sembawa, Eyad T. Ebrahim, Talaat A. Zaid, Asrar A. Banjar, Rahaf M. Alradadi, Ghalia T.M. Futayh
| Abstract (188 KB)  |  Full (274 KB) | Page 1896-1899

Pattern, Knowledge, and Attitude of Pregnant Women towards Smoking in Saudi Arabia
Duaa M. Bahkali, Ghaida A. Eissa, Abdullah A. Bayazed, Zakeiah Alsulaimani, Kholoud A. Ghamri, Nedaa M. Bahkali
| Abstract (196 KB)  |  Full (261 KB) | Page 1900-1904

Challenges Facing Nurses Toward Providing Care to Patients with Cerebrovascular Accidents: A Mixed Methods Study
Firas Khider Abdullah lilu, Mohammed Baqer Abbas Al-Jubouri
| Abstract (187 KB)  |  Full (250 KB) | Page 1905-1915

Effect of Shotblocker on Venipuncture Pain among Blood Donors: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Ali A. Hussein, Al-Jubouri, Mohammed Baqer
| Abstract (192 KB)  |  Full (296 KB) | Page 1916-1920

Exploring Relationship Between Communication Skills and Conflict Management Styles used by Nursing Staf
Oumaima Abbas Jasim, Selman Hussain Faris
| Abstract (190 KB)  |  Full (266 KB) | Page 1921-1926

Assessment of the Health Status of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Camps and Sectors in Ameriyat Al-Samoud District in Al-Anbar Governorate
Ilham Amin Jaddoue
| Abstract (176 KB)  |  Full (254 KB) | Page 1927-1933

Effectiveness of Buteyko Technique, Pursed-Lip Breathing, and Inhaler Technique Program on Asthma Control for Patients with Asthma
Zainab Kamel Hasoon, Musaab Majid Abdulwahhab
| Abstract (204 KB)  |  Full (233 KB) | Page 1934-1937

Myocardial Protection During Cardiac Surgery; Knowledge and Practices
Khalid Mahmood Sabri, Hakemia Shakir Hassan
| Abstract (233 KB)  |  Full (287 KB) | Page 1938-1940

Manual Pressure verses Shot Blocker in Reducing Intramuscular Injection Related Pain: A Comparative Randomized Controlled Trial
Safaa Ezzat AL-Shammiry, Sadeq AL-Fayyadh
| Abstract (192 KB)  |  Full (271 KB) | Page 1941-1948

Effectiveness of Self-Care Program on Patients` Knowledge with Cholecystectomy
Karrar Najah Abd Al Jaleel, Serwan Jafar Bakey
| Abstract (207 KB)  |  Full (266 KB) | Page 1949-1953

Knowledge of Female Nursing Students regarding Breast Self-Examination in university of Karbala
Marlen Hashem Salloum, Hadeel Sahib Ali, Omnia Abd Ressen
| Abstract (188 KB)  |  Full (244 KB) | Page 1954-1957

Diagnostic Accuracy of Transvaginal Versus Transabdominal Ultrasonography for Diagnosing Adnexal Masses
Sameer Khairullah Mohammed
| Abstract (194 KB)  |  Full (238 KB) | Page 1958-1963

Professional Quality of Life in Psychiatric Nurses: The Relationship Between Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue
Amal Alsulami, Ghazi Maysha Alotaibi
| Abstract (207 KB)  |  Full (245 KB) | Page 1964-1971

The Prevalence of Smoking Among Medical Residents in Saudi Arabia, A Cross Sectional National Survey
Marwan Balubaid, Faisal Al-Husayni, Hassan Alwafi, Nawaf Alsheikh, Bader Alasmari, SalehAliwani, SultanAlharthi, Husam Qanash, Nada Taher, Abdullah Alharbi, Abdallah Y Naser, Majid Al Thaqafy, Alfaisal Neyazi, Sultan Qanash
| Abstract (188 KB)  |  Full (267 KB) | Page 1972-1977


Giant Aplasia Cutis Congenita of the Scalp: Between the Risk of Infection and the Risk of Bleeding, Case Report
Khaled Sadeq Al-Shaibari
| Abstract (201 KB)  |  Full (282 KB) | Page 1978-1980

The Removal of a Substantial Blood Clot Using the Inflow Cannula of an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) System, Performed Without the Use of an Extraction Device
Sami Fayez S Alshehri
| Abstract (196 KB)  |  Full (225 KB) | Page 1981-1982

A Case Report of an Unusual Bladder Outlet Obstruction After Midurethral Sling Placement and Review of the Literature
Wafa Abdulla, Annette Kuhn, Michael D. Mueller, Diana Hoehn
| Abstract (189 KB)  |  Full (258 KB) | Page 1983-1986

Zero is Hero!
Anil Kumar Chawla

| (152 KB) | Page 1987
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