Bahrain Medical Bulletin | Vol. 44| No. 4 | December 2022


Comparing the Effects of Diphenhydramine and Granisetron in Preventing Nausea and Vomiting and Pain after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Bahman Naghipour, Reza Movassaghi Gargari
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Outcomes of Trial of Labor versus Elective Repeat Cesarean Delivery in Women with a Previous Cesarean Delivery
Safinaz Abdelrahman, Arjumand Qamaruddin, Sara Khadeer, Zainab Al-Jufairi
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Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis/Stevens-Johnson Syndrome at a University Hospital in Saudi: Causative Factors and Outcomes
Amal A Kokandi
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E-Learning stress and coping strategies among nursing students at Albaha University during COVID-19 pandemic, Saudi Arabia
Manal SA Hakami , Hanan Mohammed Mohammed, Amira Elnour Eltayeb Elbashir, Waled AM Ahmed
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The Awareness and Assessment of Diabetic Retinopathy in Diabetic Patients Attending Ophthalmology Clinics and Hospitals in Abha, Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Alamri, Khalid Siraj Saad Altalhiyyah, Khalid Talab Salem Alshahrani, Mohammad Hezam Mohammad Alshahrany, Bandar Musharraf Abdulrahman Alamri, Abdulwahab Mufareh Hassen Assiri, Abdulelah Nasser Alghaeb, Osama Ayed Saleh Asiri, Khaled Mohammed Hasan Asiri, Abdulaziz mohammed m Abudasir, Abdulrahman Ali Al Mosfer Almaymoni, Mohammad Saleh Saeed Alamri, Bandar Mohammed Mushabbab Asiri, Eman Ahemd Bilal
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Double-Dilation Non-Pooling Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Mass Mammogram Image Classification
Mei-Ling Huang, Ting-Yu Lin
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Effects of Piroxicam Phonophoresis in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders in Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment: A Prospective Clinical Study
Alah Dawood Mahmood
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Attitude and Awareness of Bahraini Medical and Non-Medical Students Towards Premarital Screening
Jenna A. Aziz Almannaei, Maryam Adel Alkhedri, Ruqaya Mohammed Alawadhi, Marwa Saleh Alghenaim, Muneera Yususf Alsherooqi, Janan A. Saheb Mohsen, Fatima Yaqoob Alali, Fatima Waleed Aldossari, Mohamed Ahmed Alanezi, Ahmed Jaradat
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Risk Factors for Primary Postpartum Haemorrhage-related Maternal Deaths: Evidence from Maternal Verbal Autopsy in Jember District, Indonesia
Mergy Gayatri, Anin Indriani, Oluwadamilare Akingbade, Nanda Agnesia Jati Pratiwi, Dyah Krisnawati Satia Pratiwi, Roland Arung Pirade, Dr Nanik Setijowati, Dr Sutrisno Sutrisno, Dr I Wayan Agung Indrawan
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Verbal Autopsy of Preeclampsia-related Maternal Death in Jember District, Indonesia: A Case Control Study
Mergy Gayatri, Anin Indriani, Oluwadamilare Akingbade, Jesica Mulyadi, Nurul fathiyah, Roland Arung Pirade, Dr I Wayan Agung Indrawan, Dr Diadjeng Setya Wardani, Dr Sutrisno Sutrisno
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Isolation and Characterization of Collagen Extracted from Fish Scales and Applied as Anti-TNFα Protein
Alyaa I. Aldebs, Hanaa. A. Abdulameer, Ahmed MH. Abudken
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Sleep Quality and Work Performance Among Shift Work Critical Care Nurses: A Cross-Sectional Study
Fatema Ateya Alaradi, Gayathri Priya, Fariba Al-Darazi
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Intussusception in a 13-year-old with a Congenital Band as the Lead Point
Maha E. Bukamal, Latifa Al Buainain, Aysha Hasan, Thamer Alabbasi
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Quality of life and Mental Health among Heamodialysis Patients in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia
Waddah M. Alalmaei Asiri, Ahmad Hussain Almutlaq, Khalid Hussein Almutairi, Mohammed Saad Mohammed Alshahrani, Anas Ali Hadi Asiri, Raghad Saad Alshahrani, Osama Hassan Mahmoud Soliman
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Neonate Screening Test among Childbearing Mother Knowledge and Attitude
Ahmed Abudallh. Abud, Wassan Raheem
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Splenium, the Most Common Structural Brain Abnormality
Sameer Khairullah Mohammed
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Impact of Job Stressors upon Health Staff Performances at Al Amara Hospitals
Hayder Ali Hussein, Mezher Khlaif Hassooni, Marwa A. Hassan, Ali Enayed Abdulhussein
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Impact of Hospital Lockdown and Virtual Teaching During COVID-19 Pandemic on the Medical Student’s Education at King Khalid University Abha, Saudi Arabia
Nouf Ahmed Alhammadi
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Evaluation of Saudi Society Awareness in Saudi Arabia Toward Cosmetic Dermatology Facial Procedures and Its Complications
Faisal Hassan Tobeigei, Ahmed Hussain Almutlaq, Atyaf Ali Yahya Thabet, Nada Ayedh Saad Alshahrani, Shatha Mohammed Alshehri, Saeed Abdulrhman Saeed Al Hamhoom, Shahad Abd Alrahmansaeed Alhamhoom, Abdulbari Ahmed Alzahrani , Nazneen Mushtaque, Ibrahim Hassan Najmi
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The Prevalence of Shoulder Pain and Awareness of Frozen Shoulder Among the General Population in Assir Region
Turki Ahmed Alqahtani, Nasser Abdullah AlGhris, Abdulbari Ahmed Alzahrani, Lamya Ghanim Aldaraani, Asma Abdullah Seed, Rawan Awad Alqahtani, Bader Abdulaziz alqahtani, Halimah Hassan Faqih, Maram fayez Alsaadi, Thekra Saeed Alqahtani, Nawaf Amer Alshahrani, Nazneen Mushtaque
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Prevalence and Clinical Features of Rotavirus among Children in Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Systematic Review
Waled AM Ahmed, Shaia SR Almalki, Naseem Akhter, Raed A. Alharbi, Hanan E Alyahyawi, Saleha Kheder Alatawi
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Evaluation of Hematological Changes During COVID-19: A Systematic Review
Fatimah Suliman Aljebaly
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Gastroenterological Aspects of COVID-19 Infection: A Review Article
Dhafer B Alshehri
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First Episode Psychosis due to COVID-19: Case Report in Saudi Arabia
Abdulmajeed Zarbah, Norah AlMuhanna, Adel Alsheheri, Afnan AlMuhanna
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First Case Report: Dramatic Response of Depersonalization Derealization Disorder to an Eradication Therapy of Helicobacter Pylori Infection
Hasan S. Alamri
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1. Get off the train!
2. T for tolerance!
Anil Kumar Chawla

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