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December 1989, Volume11, Number3
Animal Experimentation
Dr Khalil Rajab
|Full 23MB|

Are We Well Fed?
Dr Abdulrahman O Musaiger
|Full 23MB|


Is There Over Utilization of Chest Radiography at the Primary Health Care Level in Bahrain?
Dr Ali Ahmed Bakkara & Dr Najeeb Jamsheer
|Full 3.5MB|

Clean Intermittent Catheterization in the Management of Children with Neurogenic Vesical Dysfunction
Dr Hasan M Ali Farsi, Dr Hisham Ahmed Mosli & Dr John Schillinger
|Full 3.5MB|

Herbal Water in Bahrain
Dr Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Jalal A Al-Saad, Dabia S Al-Hooti&Zakaria A Khunji
|Full 16MB|

Tabulation of the Forces on the Lumbosacral Disc due to Bending and Lifting Positions
Dr W E Alnaser & Mr J Varghese
|Full 10MB|

Measuring Changes in Health-related fitness status and attitude as a result of a One-Semester College Health-fitness Course
Dr Bahia M El-Baden
|Full 10MB|

The Effectiveness of Protein of Bread Sesame Mixture in Supporting Growth in Rats
Dr Wafaa Omran Ajoor
|Full 10MB|

The Effect of Iron Therapy on Selected Haematological Parameters and 8-km Race Time in Iron Deficient Bahrainin Runners
Dr Anthony J Brien
|Full 10MB|


Dr Hassan Al-Arrayed
|Question| |Answer|


Medical Ethics III-Medical Record
Dr Jaffar Al Bareeq
|Full 10MB|


Persistence of Remnants of the Mullerian Duct
Dr MazinA Ismail
|Full 16MB|


Innovative Medical Education – A Goal to Achieve
Dr Najah R Zayyani
|Full 9MB|

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