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Vol. 37, No.4, December 2015
The Need for an Advanced Occupational Therapy Service in Bahrain
Daire Cullen, Miriam Mahdi, Eamon Tierney

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Initial One Year Pioneering Experience in Advanced Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
Mirza Faraz Saeed, Abdulmenem Abualsel, Nida Fatima Sakrani
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Comparison of Low-Dose versus Conventional Dose Prednisolone in the Treatment of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)
Khalid Abdulla Sharif, Naeema Ahmed Mahmood, Ahmed Jaradat
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Page No. 230-233

The Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Obese and Non-Obese Subjects Attending the Endoscopy Unit
Ahmed Morad Hashim, Abdulmenem Abualsel, Neveen Rashad Mostafa, Jenan Obaid
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Physician's Compliance with Diabetic Guideline
Fakhriya Mohammed Fakhroo, Sumaiya Abdulkarim
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Page No. 237-242

The Incidence of Post-septoplasty Bleeding in Patients without Nasal Packing
Ahmed Saad Farhan Salen, Zahra A. Hussain Idrees, Yousif Ahmed Saad
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Page No. 243-245

Does the Implant Design Influence the Outcome after Total Knee Arthroplasty?
Ebrahim Khamis, Mohammed Hussain, Shaker Al Asheeri, Ali Zainaldeen, Abdulla Malki
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Page No. 246-249


Saeed Al Hindi
|Quiz| Answer| Page No. 250 & 222


Acne Vulgaris and High Glycemic Load Diet
Rola Al Selaiti
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Page No. 251-252

Surgical Management of Necrotizing Enterocolitis following Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair
Nida Fatima Sakrani, Eman Hamza, Hussain Ahmed, Martin Corbally
|Abstract (8 KB) | Full (159 KB) | Page No. 253-255
Metabolic Acidosis and Rhabdomyolysis with Metformin Overdosage
Arun Arali, Tarek M. Said, Karim Abdel Hakim, Eamon Tierney
|Abstract (133 KB) | Full (360 KB) | Page No. 256-259
Proximal Thumb Osteoid Osteoma A Rare Site of Affection
Mohammad Alsaleem, Eyad Alqasim
|Abstract (6 KB) | Full (292 KB) | Page No. 260-262
Pleuroperitoneal Leak in a Patient on Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
Rawan Al Agha, Rani Al Agha
|Abstract (127 KB) | Full (282 KB) | Page No. 263-266
Pregnancy Complicated by Aplastic Anemia
Sharifa S. Ali, Hasan Ali Mohamed Radhi
|Abstract (83 KB) | Full (349 KB) | Page No. 267-269
Status Epilepticus: An Intractable Case with a Successful Outcome
Mohamed Mourad Hashim, Karim Abdel Hakim, Mohammed Elbahr, Mahmoud Etman, Eamon Tierney
|Abstract (7 KB) | Full (144 KB) | Page No. 270-273
Foot Infection among Adult Diabetic Patients: A Health Clinic-Based Study
Asmaa Al-Enezi, Deema Almulla, Heba Alsharrad, Kholoud Al Musaileem, Mariam Boualbanat, Noor Al-Zuabi, Nora Al-Shatti, Rawan Al-Shammari, Sarah Malallah, Taiba Buolayyan, Khaldoon Al-Roomi

| 53 KB | Page No. 274
Knowledge and Compliance Regarding Pneumococcal Vaccination among Sickle Cell Disease Patients Attending Health Centers
Aalaa Fahad Fakhrawi, Duaa Abdali Hasan, Fatema Mohammed Khalil, Jenan A.Jalil Al Sanad, Samana Ali Jaafar,Tahera Hashim Baqer, Zahraa Jaafar Kadhem, Zahraa Sayed Mustafa Alawi, Zainab Adel Alsetrawi, Fatima Habib

| 86 KB | Page No.274
Knowledge, Attitude and Use of Antibiotics in Upper Respiratory Tract Infections amongst General Population Attending the Primary Health Care Centers
Anwar Alsayed, Fatima Alaqra, Fatima Aldoseri, Fatima Alrowaie, Marwa Darraj, Marwa Sameer, Noora Ahmadi, Noora Bahzad, Omaima Hamada, Sameera Abdulla, Shaikha Albuarki, Basheer Makarem

| 10 KB | Page No. 275
1. Bathing Oneself
2. Sometimes
Anil Kumar Chawla

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Dalal Alhasan
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Page No. 277
ANNOUNCEMENTS |177 KB| Page No. 282
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