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  Vol.22, No.2, June 2000
Bahrain Medical Bulletin – 20th Anniversary Issue. The Pioneers
Ahmed Al Arrayed

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Common Bile Duct Stones in the Laparoscopic Era
Abdul-Wahed Nasir Meshikhes

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Effectiveness of Social Skills Training for Children with Behaviour Problems:
Maintenance of Skills
Ahmed Al Ansari, Sharifa Al Dakheel
|Abstract(21KB)| Full (55KB)|

Perinatal Outcome of Multiple Pregnancy: In Vitro Fertilization versus
Spontaneous Pregnancy
Eiman R Tawheed, Iman G Al-Mutawa, M Mottawa
|Abstract(21KB)| Full (860KB)|

Renal Transplant in Bahrain
Ahmed Al-Arrayed, Mohammed Al-Tantawi, Eman Fareed, Faiza Haider,
George Abouna

|Abstract(24KB)| Full (50KB)|

Primary Urethral Realignment in Traumatic Urethral Rupture
Baher Ali Kamal
|Abstract(22KB)| Full (53KB)|

Plasma Prostaglandin Concentration after Cervical Cerclage and after Transvaginal Ultrasound Examination during Pregnancy
Hassan S Jamal
|Part1 (716KB)| Part2 (695KB)| Part3 (278KB) |

The Role of Catheter-within-a-Catheter Technique in Premenarchal
Mohammad Khalaf Daboubi, Abdel elah Farraj, Muna Zoubi
|Abstract(22KB)| Full (49KB)|

Leg Length Discrepancy after Internal fixation of Femoral Shaft Fractures in Children
Tarek M Mirdad, Mohammed Rafiq H Khan
|Full (91KB)|


Sheikha Al Arrayed
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Massive Postmastectomy Lymphoedema of the Upper Limb. Role of Surgical
Resection in Improving the “Psychological” Status
Abdul Aziz Hamza, Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Alawi Hassan, Basim Merza
Abdul Karim Qassim
|Abstract(21KB)| Full (33KB)|
Penetrating Cardiac Trauma
Saeed Al-Hindi, Reem al Bareeq, S Nair
|Abstract(21KB)| Full (44KB)|
Retained Snail Shell in the Foot
Freih Odeh Abu Hassan
Full (35KB) |
Acquired Rectovaginal Fistula in Job’s Syndrome
Muin Al Habashneh, Issa Hijazi
|Abstract(20KB)| Full (34KB)|
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