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Vol. 37, No.2, June 2015
Bridging the Gap: The Need for Research in the Middle East
Caroline Holden, Sameer Otoom

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Improving the Death Certification in Bahrain
Suhail Baithun, Khalid Al-Sindi, Karim Abdel Hakim, Eamon Tierney

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Misunderstanding of the Term "DNR" in a Middle-Eastern Teaching Hospital
Mohamed Ismail, Shehab Khashaba, Khalifa Elmusharaf, Mahmoud Etman, Karim Hakim, Eamon Tierney
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Effects of Short-Term Exposure to (1mT, 50 Hz) Electromagnetic Fields on Calcium Concentration in Different Brain Regions of Mice: The Role of Calcium Channel Blocker
Afnan Freije, Lama Saknini, Rukaya Abdul Ghafoor, Tariq Al Shaibani, Amer Kamal
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Page No. 92-96

Pattern of Mental Disorders in the Psychiatric Hospital, Bahrain
Mazen Khalil Ali, Haitham Ali Jahrami, Ahmed Ghareeb
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Prevalence of Inhalant and Food Allergies after Skin Prick Testing in Patients with Resistant Allergic Rhinitis in Warm Humid Weather
Hisham Yousuf Hasan, Muhammad Aamir Rizwan
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Page No. 101-104

Influence of Intravitreal Bevacizumab Therapy on the Patterns of Diabetic Maculopathy on Optical Coherence Tomography
Muhammad Atif Mian, Mohamed Moemen AlReefy
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Page No. 105-108

Interventional Program for Teenagers' Obesity
Abeer Al Saweer, Saniya Salehi, Mona Al Tiho, Buthiania Al Saffar, Mariam Al Amer
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Page No. 109-113

Awareness of Healthcare Workers to Total Parenteral Feeding in Neonatal Units
Michael B. Keogh, Duaa Ahmed, Catherine Abouzaid, Khalifa Elmusharaf
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Page No. 114-116

Low Recovery Rate of Helicobacter Pylori from Positive CLO Test Patients Suffering from Dyspepsia
Suliman Al Humayed, Martin Joseph, M-Elbagir K Ahmed, Javed I. Wani, Shahid Aziz, Mohamed E. Hamid
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Page No. 117-120

Peritoneal Dialysis: Trends, Outcomes and Complications
Rani Al-Agha, Asma Al-Qaseer, Nair Gopalan
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Page No. 121-123


Environmental Neurotoxicology: A Review
Fahd Ali Al-Khamis, Abdullah Abdulsalam Al-Sulaiman
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Page No. 124-131


Saeed Alhindi
|Quiz| Answer| Page No. 132


Application and Disadvantages of Flow Cytometry in Hematopathology: A Brief Review
Fatma Saeed AlQahtani
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Page No. 133-135

Bomb-Blast Victim with Traumatic Ischemic Injury Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen
Adel Abdulaal, Jason Paul D. Hermosilla, Hiske Smart
|Abstract (8 KB) | Full (494 KB) | Page No. 136-139
Mycobacterium Marinum Skin Infection
Ahmed Anwar Aljowder, Azad Kareem Kassim, Mazen Raees
|Abstract (8 KB) | Full (288 KB) | Page No. 140-143
Angiolipofibroma of the Right Colon: A Rare Type of Submucosal Polyp
Aysha Anwar Aljowder, Mohamad Ali Alhamar, Suhail Ebrahim Baithun, Khalid Ahmad AlSindi
|Abstract (8 KB) | Full (129 KB) | Page No. 144-147
Diffuse Bier White Spots
Haitham Al-Qari, Mersal Al-Arayedh, Janel Gracey, Khalid Al-Ghaithi, Cohen Steven, Fatima Khamdan
|Abstract (8 KB) | Full (288 KB) | Page No. 148-150
Bilateral Optic Neuritis
Ahmed Asal, Emad Badawy, Moemen Al Reefy
|Abstract (7 KB) | Full (182 KB) | Page No. 151-152
1. What's Happening?
2. When You Were Born
Anil Kumar Chawla

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Dalal Alhasan
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Page No. 154

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