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Advances in Liver Transplantation: Are We Really Catching Up?
Abdul-Wahed Meshikhes

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Profile of Psychiatric Admissions Following Police Referral in Bahrain
O M Saleh, MK Al-Haddad, RP Sequeira
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Incidence of Hemiplegia Due to Cerebrovascular Accident in Kuwait in 1989
Musaed F Khamees, MI Feroz Khan, Soad Fakhry Al-Deen
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The Effect of Low Incidence of Primary Osteoarthritis of the Hip on the Volume and Nature of Joint Replacement Surgery
Husham A Hasan, Zuhair M El-Sayed, Walid M Othman, Faris A Hasan
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Beta Globin Gene Haplotypes in Bahraini patients with sickle cell Anaemia
Shaikha Salim Al-Arrayed
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The Value of Percutaneous Needle Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Lytic Lesions of the Spine
Salem M Al-Zahrani, Mohd Arshad Ikram, Mamoon Kremli, Munir Saadeddin, Naji Thabit
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Bandemia in Shigellosis
Akbar Mohsin Mohammad
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Antenatal Care and Risk Assessment in a Working Primary Health Care Clinic: A Critical Look
Waleed A Milaat
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Evaluation of Student's performance in Diagnostic Radiology (1988-1992)
Fatma AL Al-M<ulhim, Ezzeldin M Ibrahim
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Akbar M Mohammad
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Pressure Sores on the Feet Following Bilateral Jones' Procedure on a Spina Bifida Patient
Taha Takroni, Maamoun Kremli, Salem Al-Zahrani, Saleh Al-Harby

Severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis Treated with Tris Hydroxymethyl Aminomethane
Ali I Al-Sultan, Yaw Adu-Gyamfi

Scabies Psoriatica (Norwegian Scabies)
Florence Issac
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