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Vol.23, No.1, March 2001
Future of Medicine
Jaffar M Al-Bareeq

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Molecular Basis of a – Thalassaemia in Bahrain
Jassim N, Shaikha Al Arrayed, Gerard N, Hussain Al-Mukharraq,
Abdulla Al-Ajami, Ducrocoq R, Nagel RL, Krishnamoorthy R

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Phenotype Distribution and normal values of Haptoglobin in Asir Region of Southern Saudi Arabia.
Samir Awadallah, Mawieh Hamad, Omar Kadumi

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Voice Overuse and Abuse among Professional Voice Users
Jaffar M Al-Bareeq
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Image Analysis in the Evaluation of Chronic Hepatitis
K S Ratnakar, S Sudha
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Influence of Pre-pregnancy Weight, Maternal Height and Weight Gain during Pregnancy on Birth
Phaneendra Rao, Prakash KP, Sreekumaran Nair
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Behcet’s Disease in Bahrain, Clinical and HLA findings
Reda Ali Ebrahim, Raed Al Alawi, Eman Farid
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Speech Abnormality among Saudi Arabian Children with Hearing Impairment
Tarek Saleh Jamal, Kamal Jalal Daghistani, Seraj Mostafa Zakzouk
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The Evaluation of Not Stenting after Uncomplicated Ureteroscopy:
A Randomized Prospective Study
Waleed Ali, Reem Al-Bareeq, Mohammed R Samiei, Shaker Al-Muttawa
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K S Ratnakar
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Gastrointestinal Bezoar: Case Reports and Literature Review
Alawi Hassan, KG Rao, Faeza Haider

Turner’s Syndrome Variant with Three Cell Line Mosaicism and Ring x Chromosome (45, X/46, X r(X) (p21 q25)/46,XX) in a Saudi Patient
N Vijaya Chander, El Fatih E M Ahmed

Successful Thrombolysis of Mitral Valve Prosthesis by Streptokinase
during Pregnancy
Hatem Abbadi

An Unusual Presentation of Hydatid Cyst (Echinococcus Granulosus)
Suleiman Jastaniah, Tarek S Malatani, E I Archibong, Abdulhameed Biomy


Mysterious Hair
Speak Up
Anil Kumar Chawla

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