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 Vol20, No. 3, September 1998
Abdulrahman O Musaiger
| 573 KB |

Carbohydrates, Behavior and Health
G Harvey Anderson

| Full 3.7 MB |

Dietary Fat and Chronic Diseases
Mary Flynn

| Full 2 MB |

Physical Activity and Health
Adam Drewnowski

| Full 906 KB |

Food Consumption Patterns and Nutrition Situation in the Arab Countries
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Samir S Miladi

| Full 1.9 MB |

Change in Dietary Habits, Lifestyle and Trend in Diseases in the GCC Countries
Abdulrahman O Musaiger

| Full 2 MB |

Smoking in the GCC Countries
Randah R Hamadeh
| Full 1.6 MB |

Nutritional Problems among Pregnant Women in the GCC Countries
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Nahed AbdulKhader

| Full 1.2 MB |

Health and Nutritional Profile for Adolescent Girls in the GCC Countries
Abdulrahman O Musaiger

| Full 1.6 MB |

Selected Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease among Saudi Men
Reshood Al-Shagrawi

| Full 1.9 MB |

Food Frequency Intake and Lifestyle among Patients Attending Out-Patient Clinics in Qatar: A Preliminary Study
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Ahmed Al-Mulla

| Full 1.1 MB |

Obesity, Physical Activity and Prevalence of Diabetes in Bahraini Arab Native Population
Faisal Al-Mahroos, Paul Mckeigue

| Full 2.2 MB |

Prevalence and Correlates of Diabetes, Obesity and Hyperlipidemia in UAE
MM Hossain, RNH Pugh, M Malik

| Full 1.9 MB |

Developing and Implementing Science-Based Dietary Guidelines
G Harvey Anderson

| Full 2.9 MB |

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