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 Vol.22, No. 3, September 2000
Obesity in the Arab Gulf Countries
Abdulrahman O Musaiger

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Factors related to Weight Status of the Adult Bahraini Population (a community-based study).
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Mariam A Al-Mannai
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Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among Kuwaiti Children and Adolescents.
Zamzam Al-Mousa, Parsanna Parkash
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Social, Lifestyle and Health Factors Associated with Obesity among Out-patients in Qatar.
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Ahmed A Al-Mulla, Mariam A Al-Mannai
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Methods of Measuring Obesity, with Special Emphasis on Children and Adolescents.
Anisa M Al-Sindi
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Childhood Obesity: The Role of Physical Activity and Diet
Yannis Manios, Colin Boreham, Anthony Kafatos
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Obesity in Saudi Arabia
Khalid A Madani
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Attitudes of Bahraini Nursing Students to Obesity
Nahed Adulkhalek
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Body Weight of University Students in Bahrain.
Mona Al-Ansari, Mariam Al Mannai, Abdulrahman O Musaiger
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Obesity in Female Students in the United Arab Emirates.
Rana A Al-Mukhtar
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Obesity among Medical Practitioners and Medical Students in Bahrain
Khawla M Al-Madani
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Nutritional Status of Emirati Women in Al-Ain City, United Arab Emirates
Abdulrahman O Musaiger, Nada Abu-Aladeeb, Hussain Quzaq
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Bibliography on Obesity in the Arab Gulf Countries
Abdulrahman O Musaiger
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