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  Vol.23, No.3, September 2001
Local Journal Syndrome in the International Network
Fayek Al-Hilli

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From Environmental to Mental Well Being
K S Ratnakar

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ABO Blood Group and RhD Phenotypes in Bahrain: Results of Screening
School Children and Blood Donors
Shaikha Al Arrayed, Durjoy K Shome, Nada Hafadh, Shawki Amin,
Hussain Al Mukhareq, Mariam Al Mulla, Hassan Sanad, Fakhriya Ali Darwish

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To Evaluate the Effect of Wobe Mugos Hydrolytic Enzyme Therapy on Inflammation Induced by External Radiotherapy in Patients of Head and Neck Cancers
Rashmi Koul, V Choudhary
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Subtotal Versus Total Abdominal Hysterectomy
Hassan Jamal, Z Amarin
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Isolation of Gardnerella Vaginalis from pregnant Women with bacterial Vaginosis in Basrah, Southern Iraq
Jihan M Al Muk, Hassan J Hasony
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The Motives for the Saudi Faculty Staff to join Non-University Work [Arabic] Fahd Abdulaziz Al-Muhanna
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Micronutrients Status in Saudi Arabia
Khalid A Madani, Taha A Kumosani
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K S Ratnakar, Ahmed Al-Arrayed
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Combination of Cytotoxic Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer resulting in Paralytic Ileus
Jalal Al Maskati, Suresh Rao
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Post Burn Cutaneous-Lymphangioma Verrucous Type – A Case Report
Veena Nagaraj, KS Ratnakar, Abdul Aziz Yousif Hamza
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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Recurrence in Allograft in a Young Bahraini Female – A Case Report
Ahmed Salim Al Arrayed, Sumaya Ghareeb, Eman Farid, KS Ratnakar
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Risperidone- Induced Priapism
Sami Oweis
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