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 Vol.22, No.4, December 2000
“SURVIVIN” – A New Protein. From Organogenesis to Oncogenesis
K S Ratnakar

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Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynaecology – Salmaniya Experience
J K Dhaliwal, Affaf Al Shafei, Mona Al Sharqi
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The Frequency of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Nutcracker Esophagus and the Effect of Acid Reduction Therapy on the Motor Abnormality
Saleh Mohsen Al Amri
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Laryngeal Mask Airway in Ophthalmic Surgery: A Comparison Study
JJamal Abdelaziz, Mohamad Alhashky
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Haemophiliac Knee: Role of Physiotherapy
I Khriesat, W thomaibat, M Hammaury
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Triple-target Regimen for Treatment of Chronic Pain following Post Herpetic
Neuralgia (CPPHN): A Prospective Trial at Jordan University Hospital (JUH)
Bashir Atiyat
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Rotavirus Infection among Hospitalised Children with Acute Watery
diarrhea in Basrah – Iraq
Abbas Mohammed Hussein, Mea’ad Kadhum Hassan
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The Pattern of Colo-rectal Surgery at Dammam Central Hospital
Abdul-Wahed N Meshikhes, Mohammed Al-Mubarek, Abdul-Kader Al-Biladi,
Ahmed Al-Tufaif, Saeed Al-Khamees

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Influence of Nutritional and Exercise Factors on the Optimal Body Characteristics in Females
Reem Al-Bareeq, Kimberly Sylue
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Hakima Al Hashimi
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Familial Thyroid Carcinoma
Sumaiya Ghareeb, Ghazi Al Mahroos
|Abstract (20KB)| Full (61KB) |
Osteogenic Sarcoma of Breast – A Case Report
Rashmi Kaul, P K Julka, J Lakshmi, S Gupta
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Massive Pericardial Effusion as a Sole Manifestation of Hypothyroidism –
A Case Report
Hayat Al Mahroos, Rashid Al Bannay
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Childhood Mediastinal Actinomycosis – Case Report
Hussain Al Mukharraq
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Dreams Part 1 & Part 2
Anil Kumar Chawla
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