Bahrain Medical Bulletin | Vol. 44| No. 2 | June 2022


The Pattern of Management of Nocturnal Enuresis in a Tertiary Hospital in Sudan
Karimeldin M A Salih, Mohammed Abbas, Muddathir H Hamad, Hiba K M Ali, Sarar Mohamed
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COVID-19 among the Asymptomatic Healthcare Workers in the Tertiary Care Centers of the Southwestern Region of Saudi Arabia: Preventive and Protective Insights
Ahmed M. Al-Hakami, Ali Al Bshabshe, Abdullah M. Alkahtani, Abdullah A. Alsabaani, Shehata F Shehata, Hosam H Omar, Riyadh A Mousa, Mohammed A Dabaan, Ahmad M Alamri, Abdullah Algarni
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Road Traffic Accidents and Associated Risk Factors in Erbil, Iraq: Retrospective (2017-2019) Households Based Study
Hayman Mohammed Saeed Rashid, Kameran Hassan Ismail
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Evaluation of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder (CKDMBD) Among Patients on twice weekly Hemodialysis in Khartoum Teaching Hospital, Sudan
Waleed Abd Alrazig Dosogi, Hisham Hassan Abdelwahab, Maha Ali Hummeida Elsheikh, Alam Eldin Musa Mustafa
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In-Vitro Antiviral Screening of Sphaeranthus Indicus Linn Leaf Extract against Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 Viruses
Abdullah M Alkahtani
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Level and Associated Factors Predicting Happiness Among Princess Nourah University Students in Saudi Arabia During Covid-19 Pandemic
Raghad Alhuthil, Sadeem Alshiban, Anwar Alqarni, Munirah Alshalawi, Lamia Alhaqbani, Howeida Abusalih
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Microbial Colonization in Atopic Dermatitis and its Associated Risk Factors in Children from Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia
Abdullah M. Alkahtani, Eman Al Amer, Khalid A. Bahamdan, Mohammed K. Almaghrabi, Mohammad Y. Alshahrani, Mona E.E. Elfaki, Ihab M. Abdelrahim, Esther Paul, Ahmed M. Al-Hakami, Mohamed E. Hamid, Mohammed G Al alshiq
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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Workers Concerning the Occupational Risks of Hepatitis B Virus in Asser Region
Viqar Basharat, Arwa Ayed M Alshahrani, Haifa Hisham A Alwabel, Raghad Saad Hasan Alshahrani, Sarah Mohammed Awadh Alqahtani, Abdussalam Mohammed A Alqhtani, Ahmed Saad Thabet, Aeyd Jobran Aeyd Alhashim, Abdulrahman Saad M Alahmari, Rahaf Abdulrahman Almehery, Meteb Ali Shaban Ahmed, Hajar Ayed Asiri, Ghazi Awadh Alqahtani, Mosa Ayed Alahmari
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Association between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and sleep quality
Viqar Basharat, Anas Ali Hadi Asiri, Ahmed Hussain Almutlaq, Khalid Hussein Almutairi, Mohammed Abdullah Alshehri, Abdussalam Mohammed A Alqhtani, Ahmed Saad Thabet, Aeyd Jobran Aeyd ALHashim, Raghad Saeed Mohammed Almuidh, Abdullah Ali Alshehri, Mazen Ahmad Hadi Jali, Bushra Saeed Saad Alshahrani, Bushra Ali Alqahtani, Hanan Mohamed S Alkhuwaylidi
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Evaluate the Distribution of Oxygen Saturation in Asymptomatic Adults and to Find the Effect of Body Mass Index in Oxygen Saturation Values in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Garni
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An Analysis of Factors Affecting 90-Day Survival in Patients whose First Presentation of Cardiovascular Disease was an Acute Coronary Event
Igor Tagasovski, Davor Milicic
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Diagnosis and Control of Hypoglycemic Disorder in Adult Patients in Asir Region of Saudi Arabia
Eman A. Alqahtani
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Correlation Between Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Failure in Asir Region of Saudi Arabia
Naseer G. Alqahtani
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The Effect of Entamoeba Histolytica Infection on Levels of Adiponectin and Histamine in Children
Media Mohammed Bakr, Huda Mawlood Taher, Ali Hasan Mohamed
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Knowledge and Awareness of Ocular Allergy Among Community in Aseer Region of KSA
Abdul Rahman Alamri, Faisal Saeed Mohammad Alahmari, Abdullah Saleh Abdullah Al Ghamdi, Ethar Abdulrahman H. Almohseny, Rawan Abdullah Alqahtani, Rawan hassan alshehri
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Knowledge and Awareness Toward Eye Health and Disease of Children in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia
Abdul- Rahman Alamri, Shatha Mohammed D. Alshehri, Shahad Yahya M. Alkhaldy, Zyad Saad A AlAsmari, Zyad Saad M Alashqan, Ahmad Ayed A AlIbrahim, Yazan Ahmed A Almaker
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Effectiveness of Educational Program on Pediatric Nurses Toward Communication Management at Al Amara City Amjad Hashim Mohammed, Falah Hassan Ali, Huda Shawky Mahmud
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Hazardous Oral Hypoglycemic Agent (OHA) Use Among Pilots: A Diabetic Royal Bahrain Airforce Fighter Pilot Developing Hypoglycemia During Flight
Amjad Abdulrazeq Ebrahim Noor, Ali Abdulrahman Al-Abdulkarim
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Osteochondroma of Tibial Tuberosity in Adolescent: A Case Report
Fareed F. Alfaya
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Case Report: A Patient with Eye Pain associated with Headache due to Acute Allergic Conjunctivitis
Mohammad Fareed khan, Abdel Hakim Taguri
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