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Vol. 36, No. 1, March 2014
Better Use of Radiology Department: Radiology Errors, How to Manage?
Majed Dwaik

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Risk Factors for Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients Attending Primary Care Settings
Jameel Nasser, Fatima Habib, Basma Al Tajer, Maha Al Tajer, Fatima Juma, Muna Almohri
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Dilemma of False Negative Mammograms in Breast Cancer Patients
Suhair Khalifa Al Saad, Aicha Yamani, Najeeb Jamsheer
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Page No. 14

Antibiotics Surveillance in Pediatrics In-Patients, a Point Prevalence Comparative Study between Kingdom of Bahrain and the European Union
Jameela Al Salman, Rawan Al Agha
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Knowledge and Practice among the Population of Saudi Arabia Eastern Province during the H1N1 Pandemic 2009
Adel Salman Al-Sayyad, Sameer Abdulla Al-Haddad, Fatima Abdulla Erzaiqat, Fatima Jaffar AlReqraq, Manahil Mahmood Al-Dar, Yafeah Ali Al Rebeh
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Page No. 25

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
Mohammed Abdulla Rafie, Akbar A. Jalal, Hasan Khudhur
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Page No. 30

The Impact of Dietary Intake and Sun Exposure on Vitamin D Deficiency among Couples
Fatima Ahmed Al-Haddad, Fadheela Taher Al-Mahroos, Huda S Al-Sahlawi, Eshraq Al-Amer
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Page No. 33

The Pattern of Unplanned Returns to Emergency Department
Amal Hamza Hejab, Ghufran Ahmed Jassim
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Page No. 38


Saeed Alhindi
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Lymphedema Following Cupping Therapy "Hijama" Post Breast Cancer Surgery and Axillary Clearance
Sara Al-Reefy, Maryam Parsa-Nezhad

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Page No. 44

Eruptive Syringoma
Manal Alsabbagh, Mazen Raees
|Abstract (147 KB) | Full (284 KB) | Page No. 46
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Pregnancy
Khalil Ebrahim Rajab, Saeda Al Balooshi, Wafa Sanad
|Abstract (66 KB) | Full (85 KB) | Page No. 48
Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy
Ahmed Al Amer, Muhammad A Mian, Seemantini Ayachit, Moemen Al Reefy
|Abstract (182 KB) | Full (332 KB) | Page No. 50
Neuromyelitis Optica in Marfan Syndrome
Foziah Jabbar Alshamrani
|Abstract (14 KB) | Full (195 KB) | Page No. 53
Parathyroid Adenoma Inducing Hypercalcemia and Pancreatitis
Abdulmenem Abualsel, Mohammad Zurub
|Abstract (164 KB) | Full (553 KB) | Page No. 55
1. "I Love You!"
2. "Be Real!"
Anil Kumar Chawla

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Dalal Alhasan
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Page No. 60

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