Bahrain Medical Bulletin | Vol. 43 | No. 4 | DECEMBER 2021


Prevalence of Suspected Elderly Abuse in Bahrain at Primary Health Care Settings: A Cross-Sectional Study
Nasser S, Malalla H, Jadeed M, Modhi M, Taraif Z
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Benign Rolandic Epilepsy (BRE): Seizure Semiology and the Role of an EEG Study
Raafat Hammad Seroor Jadah, Yusra Mirghani Aljailani, Lateefa Aref Ahmed, Ayesha Zaidi
| Abstract (178 KB) | Full (269 KB) | Page 663-665

Clinico-Etiological Profile of Children with Acute Encephalitis Syndrome- A Prospective Observational Study
Divyashree Venkatachalam Swaminathan, ArunPrasath Thasma Santhanakrishnan, Vinoth Ponnurangam Nagarajan, Ramachandran Padmanaban, Vaishnavi Swaminathan, Dinesh Kumar Jayapalan
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HbH Disease in Bahrain: A Genotype-Phenotype Correlation Report
Nabeel Al Moamen, Ahmed Thabet, Hema Newton, Hawra Khamis, Ameera Radhi, Amani Al Hajeri
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Correlation Between Obesity and Dietary Habit of the Adult Client at Out Patient Clinic in Qalat Saleh City/ Iraq
Aqeel Azeez Arrar, Saad Sabri Shamkh, Hayder Ali Hussein
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Predictive Factors in Selecting Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis for Knee Replacement: A Single Center Experience
Mohammed Lafi Al-Otaibi
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Team-Based Learning (TBL) Implementation in General Embryology at the Faculty of Medicine – Jazan University, KSA
Heitham Mutwakil Mohammed
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Knowledge of Nursing College Students About Nursing Care for Patients with Skeletal Traction in Mosul University
Ali Mohammed Fathi, Ali Ismael Sulaiman, Saad Hussein Murad, Harith Fathi Al-Aubaidy
| Abstract (167 KB) | Full (252 KB) | Page 695-697

Parents’ Perceptions about Amblyopia, its Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatment Options, and the Importance of Follow-up, and to Evaluate their Awareness Regarding the Consequences and Critical Complications
Abdul Rahman Alamri, Bander Haif Alqahtani, Gaith Abdullah Sabrah, Saed Ali S Alserhan, Nader Hasan Abdulrahman Alasmari
| Abstract (172 KB) | Full (532 KB) | Page 698-704

Loneliness and Self-esteem among Nursing College Students at Basra University
Doaa Mohammed Bachi, Nuha Saeed Kadhim
| Abstract (170 KB) | Full (255 KB) | Page 705-708

Assessment of Citizens' Knowledge and Behaviors About Sterilizing Drinking Water in District and Sub-Districts at Kirkuk Governorate
Hewa Sattar Salih
| Abstract (177 KB) | Full (268 KB) | Page 709-714

Oncology Nursing Staff Knowledge and Practice Behaviors Toward Chemotherapy Impact on Peripheral Neuropathy: A Study from North of Iraq
Hussein Ali Mohammed, Abid Salih Kumait, Jenan Akbar Shakoor, Payman Nohman Othman
| Abstract (167 KB) | Full (259 KB) | Page 715-719

Descriptive Analysis of admissions to Bahrain Psychiatric Hospital: A Retrospective Study
Mazen Khalil Ali, Nehad Al Rashed
| Abstract (173 KB) | Full (240 KB) | Page 720-723

Role of Texting on Mobile Phones for Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Neck and Upper Extremities among Saudi Population
Ali Ibrahim Al Hefzi, Abdussalam Mohammed A Alqhtani, Abdulbari Ahmed Alzahrani, Wafaa Sulaiman Alhifzi, Shahad Awad AlQahtani, Arwa Eid Alshahrani, Mashael Saad H Alsultan, Nasser Abdullah AlGhris, Alya Mesfer A Alqahtani, Fahad Mohammed Alqahtani, Maha ali Alturki
| Abstract (176 KB) | Full (254 KB) | Page 724-727

The Knowledge Level of Neonatal Danger Signs among Mothers in Aseer Region
Abdulbari Ahmed B Alzahrani, Zeinh Hussein Fardan, Mozoon Mohammed S Alqahtani, Ameerah Mohammed J Asiri, Ali Ayidh Falah Al Kzman, Shabnan falah shabnan Alshahrani, Abdullah Oudah Al Ahmree, Azza Mofareh O Almarir, Manar Ahmed Alsaeedi, Bushra Mohammed Ahmed Alotayfi
| Abstract (174 KB) | Full (279 KB) | Page 728-731


Percentage and Features of Anxiety, Depression and Stress in Adolescents and Adults with Sickle Cell Disease in Bahrain
Maryam Ahmed AlSowaidi, Yasmeen Jalal Khalaf, Faisal Yusuf Husain, Khaled Mohamed Sulail, Mayyasa Osama AlAli, Bayan Ebrahim AlSaegh, Yusuf Ahmed Saleh, Mohamed Khalifa Bindayna, Ali Nabeel AlNaser, Ahmed Abdelkarim Jaradat, Raouf Hamed Othman
| Abstract (173 KB) | Full (249 KB) | Page 732-736

Overview of Dendritic Cell Vaccines as Effective Approaches in Cancer Immunotherapy
Hajir A Al Saihati
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Nasir Muwfaq Younis
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A Young Boy with Microcephaly, Ichthyosis and Cerebral Dysgenesis: A Rare Case of Cednik Syndrome
Raafat Hammad Seroor Jadah, Haya Salah Hamad Aldoseri
| Abstract (169 KB) | Full (386 KB) | Page 749-750

Refractory Status Epilepticus as the First Presentation in an Infant with Alpers Disease
Saleh M. Al-Qahtani, Ibrahim A. Al Zaydani Asiri, Obaid Mohammed Albulym, Mansour Y Otaif
| Abstract (174 KB) | Full (378 KB) | Page 751-754

Abdominal Basidiobolomycosis a Diagnostic Challenge
Omer Abdelbagi, Sameer A. Softa
| Abstract (163 KB) | Full (612 KB) | Page 755-757

A Case Of Acute Pancreatitis in an Adult Patient Recovering From COVID-19
Saleh Ismaeel Hajaij Alrowaili, Sagar Janardhan Adkar
| Abstract (172 KB) | Full (320 KB) | Page 758-760

COVID-19 Related Stroke in Patients on Anticoagulants
Abdulla Ali Khaled, Ali Jaffar Alhilly, Bedoor Sami Alomran
| Abstract (175 KB) | Full (498 KB) | Page 761-765

Unusual Presentation of ITP in a Young Male Patient: A Management Dilemma
Bandar Hamad Alnajdi, Manal Sayed Ahmed Abduljalil
| Abstract (166 KB) | Full (347 KB) | Page 766-768

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Urinary Tract Infection among Female in Aseer Region
Mona Alshahrani, Ahmed Bakheet S.Alzahrani, Abdulbari Ahmed Alzahrani, Abdussalam Mohammed A Alqhtani, Haifa' Hisham Alwabel, Khalid Mohammed M Asiri, Yahia Mohammed Abumelha, Raghad Saad Hasan Alshahrani, Arwa Ayed M Alshahrani, Raghad Mohammed O Alhussain, Khalid Mohammed Saad Al-Qahtani, Abdullah Aiad Own Alqarni, Hatim Abdullah Mohammed Ayied, Hussain Abdullah Ali Zaqan, Merai Saeed Nasser Nasser
| Abstract (181 KB) | Full (318 KB) | Page 769-774

The Knowledge and Practice of Fixed Prosthodontics: A Survey among Saudi Arabian Dental Practitioners
Saud Abdulaziz Alharbi, Mazen Sulaiman Alkhalaf, Osama Ahmad Alswailem, Syed Shujaulla
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