Bahrain Medical Bulletin | Vol. 43 | No. 2 | JUNE 2021


Awareness and Consumption Pattern of Energy Drinks Among Bahraini Youth
Marwa Hussain, Simone Perna, Qaher Mandeel, Jalal Naser, Tariq Alalwan
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Determinants of the Quality of Life of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease in Bahrain: Implications for a Patient-Centered Management Approach at the Primary Health Care
Aseel AlSaleh, Abdulla Elbarbary, Ahmed Al Qashar, Faisal Alserdieh, Fatema Alahmed, Hasan Alhaddar, Lulwa Alsada, Mohamed Yosri, Mahmood Saeed, Mina Khudhair, Motasem Salih, Noora Fuad, Manal Alghmadi, Fathiya Al Qarqoor, Amer Almarabheh, Afif Ben Salah
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Epidemiology and Outcome of MRSA Infection in Governmental Health Care Facilities in Bahrain
Safaa Al Khawaja, Nermin Kamal Saeed, Mahmood AlAwainati, Maryam Ghassan AlSaad, Husain Ali Abdulaziz, Deena Ashraf Abuusedo, Zaynab Maqwar, Jalal Abdulmonem Almeer
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Sodium Abnormalities in Children Admitted to Paediatric Intensive Care Unit - A Cross Sectional Study
Krithika Prabaharan, Shuba Sankaranarayanan, Vinoth N. Ponnurangam
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Exploring the Attitudes of Fathers/Teachers Towards the Oral Health of School Children Aged 6 to 7 Years in Ha’il City: Qualitative Study
Falah R Alshammari, Hamdan Alamri, Jihad Alokaily, Ahmed Almalaq, Mohammad Albakry, Marwan Aljohani, Lucy O’Malley, Anne-Marie Glenny
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Clinical Profile of Acute Accidental Ingestions in Pediatric Populations
Aseel Ahmed Husain, Duaa Abdulmuneim Alkhudur, Raafat Hammad Seroor Jadah
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University Students' Attitude Towards E-Learning
Nasir M. Younis, Mahmoud M. Ahmed, Ahmed A. Hussein
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Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Ovarian Failure with Goserelin in Premenopausal Lymphoma Patients
Al Shaimaa Ibrahim Rabie, Ahmed Abdullah Elberry, Ahmed Hassan Shaaban, Raghda.R.S.Hussein
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Item Analysis of type "A" Multiple Choice Questions from a Multidisciplinary Units assessment in a Problem Based Curriculum
Tarik Al Shaibani, Fuad Ali, A.Halim Deifalla, Ahmed Jaradat
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Metformin as an Adjuvant Treatment in Non-Diabetic Metastatic Breast Cancer
Hager Salah, Hoda Rabea, Ahmed HassanAhmed A. Elberry
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A Need for Improvement in the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Toward Vitamin D Among University Students
Negia Abdullah Emtawel Mohamed, Walid Al Qerem, Ezeddin Salem Gassar, Mohammad Hailat, Faiza A.M.Elhamdy, Jonathan Ling
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Identification of Pregnant Women's Satisfaction among Antenatal Health Care Services in Primary Health Care Centers at Al-Amara City/ Iraq
Ghazwan Abdulhussein Al-Abedi
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Vitamin D and Calcium Levels between Bahraini and Expatriate Laborers in Exposed and Non-exposed to the Sun
Tarik AlShaibani, Ahmed Jaradat, Ameera Radhi, Hussain H Meer
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Reno-Protective Effect of Exogenous Glutathione on Experimentally Induced Acute Kidney Injury in Male Rats
Yahya M. Naguib, Eman I. Elgizawy
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A Scoping Review of Protocol and Yield of Hyperventilation During Electroencephalography
Sarah Alghamdi, Entissar Alkhushaim, Husah Almutairi, Masoumah Almarzouq, Manar Serbaya, Mohammed Alshurem
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Overview of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Vaccine
Nada Abdullah Alharbi
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Endometrial Adenocarcinoma in a 33-Years-Old Virgin Female
Eman Bahaa, Khalifa Albenjasim
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Hyperthyroidism in a Patient with Bartter Syndrome
Shahd Osama AlAli, Jehan Abdulla
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Placenta Percreta with Uterine Rupture at 16th Weeks - Case Report
Nada Abduljawad, Wasan Alani, Hosni Malas
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Case Report: Vein of Galen Aneurysmal Malformation in the Fetus and Neonatal Outcome
Amal Hassani, Hana Akhla, Fatima Alkhan, Hakeema Al Hashimi
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A Case of Pediatric Neuromyelitis optica Spectrum Disorder First Case Reported in Kingdom of Bahrain
Husain Malalla, Ayman Khalil
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Conjoined Twins- Cephalo-Thoraco-Omphalopagus: A Case Report
Basma Alansari, Wassan Al ani, Maha Ghorabah
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Anesthetic Management of a Patient with Maple Syrup Urine Disease Undergoing Liver Transplantation from Living Related Donor
Mubarak Aldoseri, Muhannad Alshahrani, Plinio Sierra
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Anil Kumar Chawla

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