Bahrain Medical Bulletin | Vol. 42 | No. 2 | JUNE 2020


Anti-Bacterial Activity, Level of Cytotoxicity and Chemical Constituents of Essential Oil of Lemongrass Under Three Different Artificial Growth Conditions
Ahmed Taha, Salwa Althawadi, Reema Balachandran, Ahmed Salih, Sana Naz, Mohammad Basharat, Kholod F. Abou Seedo, Simone Perna
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Epidemiology of Drug-resistant Tuberculosis, A Five Year Review
Safaa Al Khawaja, Jaleela Sayed Jawad, Amjad Ghanem
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Page 98-100

The Effectiveness of Cervical Cerclage in Preventing Preterm Labor in a Twin Pregnancy
Zainab Alkhaja, Zainab Al-Jufairi
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Prostatic Adenocarcinoma: Age, Tumor Grade and Level of Serum Prostatic Antigen (PSA)
Asma Salah Jadalla, Fatima Al Hashimi
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Page 104-106

The Correlation between the Clinical, Radiological and Visual Evoke Potential Findings in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Saleh Ismaeel Alrowaili, Dana Khalid Abed, Fatemah Almezel, Yasmeen Al-Salem, Dalal Almuhanna, Noor Algharib, Fatemah Aldawood, Quds Albeladi, Amer Kamal,Omar Abduljabbar
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Page 107-109

Outcomes of and Challenges to Management of Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Dana B. Al-Sharqi, Sanad J. Sanad
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Page 110-112

Treatment and Overall Survival in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Mishari H. M. Alshyarba, Abdulaziz Alamri, Jaber Madi M Assiri, Awadh Mohammed A. Alahmari
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Page 113-115

Trends of Bladder and Prostate Cancers
Mohamed Mubarak, Akbar Jalal, Abdolsalam Ahmadi, Husain Alaradi, Abdulameer Altajer, Nader Awad
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Page 116-119

Influence of Prenatal Administration of Nicotine/Thiocyanate on the Morphology of Exocrine Pancreas of 1–Month-Old Rat Offspring
Manal A. Othman, Manal M. Sayed, Sahar M. Hassany, Ahmed A. Jaradat
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Page 120-124

Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Abdulrahman J. AlTourah, Ahmed Malalla Al Ansari, Haitham Ali Jahrami
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Page 125-128


Saeed Alhindi
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A Rare Cause of Hemoperitoneum in Pregnancy
Dalya Alhamdan, Fatema Alkhan, Amal Hassani
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Page 130-131

Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis as a Differential of Subchondral Cysts
Abeer Moustafa
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Soft Tissue Sarcoma of Neural Sheath Origin
Abdullah Saeed Alqahtani
| Abstract (152 KB) | Full (400 KB) | Page 135-136
Surgical Management of Renal Cell Carcinoma with Ovarian and Lung Metastasis
Qamar Saeed Chaudhry
| Abstract (269 KB) | Full (278 KB) | Page 137-139
Perioperative Considerations for Suspected Malignant Hyperthermia
Abdulrahman Alsulaiti, Shahid Adeel
| Abstract (328 KB) | Full (433 KB) | Page 140-141
Atypical Choroid Plexus Papilloma of the Third Ventricle in a 3-Month-Old Infant
Ebtesam Abdulla, Nabeel Hameed, Asma AlQaseer, Nisha Chandran
| Abstract (297 KB) | Full (449 KB) | Page 142-144
Pathological Characteristics of Giant Cell Tumor of Bone Treated with Denosumab
Khaled Muqla Al Kuwari, Fayek Alhilli
| Abstract (355 KB) | Full (625 KB) | Page 145-147
Behcet’s Disease: A Satisfactory Response to Adalimumab
Maryam Abdul Hadi Almohsen
| Abstract (442 KB) | Full (635 KB) | Page 148-150
Left Side Native Mitral Valve Infective Endocarditis Caused by Staphylococcus Aureus in a Patient on Chronic Hemodialysis
Ayat Al Harbi, Basem Mustafa
| Abstract (268 KB) | Full (275 KB) | Page 151-153
Neuro-Behcet’s Disease: A Case with Acute Neurological Manifestation with Parenchymal Involvement
Alya Al Doseri, Ali Jaffer, Bassem Mustafa
| Abstract (268 KB) | Full (271 KB) | Page 154-156
Multiple Cutaneous and Uterine Leiomyomatosis with Associated Simple Renal Cystsy
Rola Alsulaiti, Hana Alkhayyat, Sara Alsaad, Abdulla Darwish
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