Bahrain Medical Bulletin | Vol. 41 | No. 1 | MARCH 2019

The Educational Value of Morbidity and Mortality Committee in a Hospital Setting
Jaffar M. Albareeq, Khaled Muqla Al Kuwari

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Evaluation of the Physical Growth Parameters on the Developmental Outcome of Children below Six Years of Age
Rehab Almarzooq, Noor Albusta, Reem Almarzooq
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Evaluation of Seizure Semiology and EEG Findings in Neurologically Normal Children with First Unprovoked Seizure
Raafat Hammad Seroor Jadah
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Respiratory Symptoms and Pulmonary Function Test among Salon Employees
Ahmed A. Aljohaney, Shahad M. Daali, Hanouf A. Al-juaid, Maysaa T. Ageel, Samaher A. Sukker, Faris F. Alhejaili
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Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Ultrasound Fetal Weight Assessment among Diabetic Patients
Aysha Nabeel Nadham, Bahija Abdulhafid Mohmed Naas, Nawal Dayoub
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Urinary Tract Infections in Infants: Etiology and Associated Urological Anomalies
Deena Mohammed, Hasan M. Isa
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The Role of Pre-Operative Inflammatory Markers in Predicting Postoperative Infection in Patients Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty
Ebrahim Khamis, Mohammed AlSaif, Asma AlQaseer, Mohamed Husain
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University Student Health Survey
Mariam E. A. Al Hajeri, Mona Saleh Al Ansarri, Amani Ali Al Hajeri, Samia Hssan Al Qattan, Maryam Adam Ali, Lana Saleh, Shaikha AlKowari, Noora Adam Ali
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Saeed Alhindi
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Single Stage Release of Bilateral Amniotic Band Syndrome
Sadaf Mohammed Basheer, Ali Redha Gerashi, Mohammed Abdulbasith
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Virgin Female with Undetected Cervical Fibroid
Hasan Isa Almajed, Hasan Ali Radhi, Zainab Abdulla Aljufairi
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Periodontal Plastic Surgery Using Free Gingival Graft
Shaikha E. Al Doseri, Rana Al Ghatam
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Orbital Cellulitis following Preseptal Cellulitis
Basma Alqaseer, Ghada Y. Al Bin Ali
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Unilateral Proptosis as Presentation of Fungal Sinusitis
Mohamed Naeem Nasir, Mohamed Abdulnoor, Ahmed Asal, Sara Al Baridi, Layan Al Bassam
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Leukemia Presenting as H1N1 Pneumonia in a Bahraini Child
Sarah ElNassir ElNigoumi, Haya Alkhayyat
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Moebius Syndrome as a Disorder of Neonatal Recurrent Aspiration
Moaz Lababidi, Wardah T. Rana, Gabriel P.P. Fox
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Recurrent Vocal Cord Granulomas in a Twelve-Year-Old Child
Raneem Alshaikh, Fatmah Alabdulwahid, Waleed Janahi, Salman Alkhalifa, Keith Johnston, Hiba Alreefy
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Huntington’s Disease: An Unanticipated Diagnosis
Hanaa Iftikhar, Firas Alnidawi
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1. I Want Peace!
2. M.I.N.D.
Anil Kumar Chawla

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Dalal Alhasan
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